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What equipment do I need to join in with an arts & crafts workshop ?

All workshop materials are provided during the session with a take away bag to transport your project safely home.

Each workshop description contains a run down of all the juicy details, including what you’ll learn and what’s in your kit.

Quite often, cherry- picked beginner’s resources are for sale after the class to help you to continue your creative projects at home!  

Refreshments available in class.

Take a look in the shop to see which workshops are currently booking.

Who is leading the arts & crafts workshop?

Lisa!  She’s a qualified teacher with a lifelong passion for all things arts and crafts.  She will help you feel at ease and lead you gently through a process so you are easily able to follow.

You can expect friendly and patient tuition in a fun and relaxing session.  

What equipment do I need to join in with a crochet workshop ?

All workshop materials, equipment and patterns are provided during the session.

For Base Camp Beginner’s Crochet Workshop you will be given a take away workbook & resources kit to complete your first projects. 

A beginner’s toolkit, including chunky yarn, a variety of hooks & case and yarn needle, is for sale in the shop or after the class if you can’t wait to get hooking!  

Refreshments available in class.

Who is leading the crochet workshop?

Me, Claire!  I’m an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, super skilled at breaking things down into tiny baby steps so that you are able to follow!

You can expect friendly and patient tuition while we build your skills and confidence in your shiny new crochet powers!

Face to face classes have limited enrollments to ensure I can support everyone individually, regardless of learning speed.

What will I learn in a crochet workshop?

Take a look in the shop to see which workshops are currently booking.

Each workshop description contains a run down of all the juicy details, including what you’ll learn, what’s in your kit and an estimate of how long the project will take.

I'm not very confident to learn to crochet, can you help me?

I want to help you start crocheting and keep crocheting.  I aim to give you the best chance of success at gaining a skill you can enjoy for a lifetime.

I will give you friendly, helpful, patient tuition in bite sized chunks, to help you get started and keep going until you are super proud of your skills!

All my workshops are carefully designed to help you grow your skills in a progressive way and give you a solid foundation to build on.

I will break down the learning into teeny tiny baby steps to help you take off with confidence.

I will show you exactly where to put your fingers and thumbs, what patterns to try and what yarn and hook sizes to use for the best results.

You will need two things to get started:

1) To want to learn to crochet:  Learning any new skill takes patience, perseverance, trial and error.  If you have a crochet goal in mind, that can help you to continue along the ups and downs of the journey.

2)  To put aside time to learn:  Practise, play and experimentation are all part of your crochet journey.  The more time you set aside to play, the faster you’ll see progress.


How long will it take to learn to crochet?

My aim is to get you from picking up a hook to granny squares in two sessions, with take home tasks to practise in between.  It takes a couple of weeks of experimenting for your hands and hook to start feeling comfortable.  Setting aside some quiet time for a little bit of daily practise will get you off to a flying start!

Beyond that, the speed of your progress really depends on how much you practise.  It is possible to get very speedy results ……. we’ve had granny square blankets and cushion covers from our beginners  a week after the last session! 

In addition, whether it takes two weeks or two months, taking Hooky Buddies first granny square blanket challenge will help consolidate your first skills and get you off to a great start.

What if I need more help learning to crochet?

You will be invited to one of our members only Hooky Buddies Facebook groups where you can meet like minded makers who are also learning how to crochet.  It’s a great place to meet your Hooky Buddies and ask any of the little questions that can pop up when you first start out.

If you’d like to gain confidence in a one to one session with me, on a project of your choice, private lessons can be arranged.  Private tuition is £36 for a two hour session at a coffee shop near you.  These sessions are available once you have worked through the basics at the beginners class.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements and check available dates.


How do the online crochet workshops work?

Crochet Workshop Kits are sent First Class and a personal email link will be sent to give you access to the online workshop.  You can access the content with your password from your up to date PC / tablet / smartphone at any time.

The online workshop material is intended for your personal use only.  Worksheets may be downloaded and printed out for your own personal use.  

How do I book and pay for a workshop?

Booking instructions are listed in the FACEBOOK EVENT for your chosen workshop.

You can book and pay via the website SHOP or by Facebook messaging and paying direct through Paypal to [email protected].

All online payments are taken securely via Paypal.

If you require an alternative payment method, please just send an email to me [email protected] or Facebook message and I’ll be happy to help.

Where is the venue?

Venues differ depending on the workshop.  I post maps, directions and parking details on the FACEBOOK EVENT for each workshop and email them to you upon booking.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?



If for any reason a workshop is cancelled or you need to cancel up to 2 weeks before the workshop, you will receive a full refund within 5 working days via your initial mode of payment and the opportunity to re-book at a later date.

If you need to cancel less than two weeks before the workshop:

 If you need to cancel your ticket at short notice or you cannot attend on the day, you are welcome to send a friend in your place.  Unfortunately, late cancellation often means your space cannot be filled and all the planning and preparation of tools and resources has already been completed in advance of the date. 

 We are unable to offer refunds if this is the case. 



It’s important that you know the right of withdrawal applies to digital content, but only up until the actual downloading process beginning.  There are no cancellations or refunds once digital content has been downloaded in accordance with UK Competition and Consumer Commission Law. 

You still get to keep & use your workshop over and over again. 


 If you book a private or at home workshop, payment will be taken in advance for all members individuallyIf anyone needs to cancel a seat at short notice or cannot attend on the day, they are welcome to send a friend in their place.  Unfortunately, late cancellation often means the space cannot be filled and all the planning and preparation of tools and resources has already been completed in advance of the date. 

We are unable to offer refunds if this is the case.

What is your copyright & sharing policy?

All workshops and materials are intended for PERSONAL USE BY YOU, THE PURCHASER.

Please support our work by not… reprinting, sharing, photographing or distributing copyright content which includes our images, words, charts, patterns and Hooky Buddies Crochet Adventure workbooks.

Thank you Lovely!  Claire & Lisa xx

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