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We’re Claire and Lisa, qualified teachers and crafty buddies, who love to help you LEARN NEW SKILLS and take time out for CREATIVE WELLBEING.


We design & deliver BEGINNER FRIENDLY, craft & crochet workshops for adults.


Let’s boost your creative CONFIDENCE and help you ACHIEVE some super satisfying makes!



Boost your creative confidence & wellbeing!

Claire Daniel

Claire Daniel

Founder | Create Some Time & Hooky Buddies

Hello, hello, Claire here…

Nest builder, educator, yarn enthusiast, living a happy family life and passing on crochet skills to modern makers.

I founded Create Some Time & Hooky Buddies in 2014 to encourage you to play hooky too!

Since then, I have been hosting original, bespoke, craft & crochet workshops with my creative buddy Lisa and have taught more than a couple of hundred newbies to get hooking in our friendly sessions.


Let me show you the way!  Claire x

Are you ready to get started on your crochet journey?

Maybe you’re picking up a hook for the first time, struggling to learn alone or learnt long ago and need a refresh?

Hooky Buddies step by step classes are carefully designed to help you grow your skills in a progressive way.

You’ll find beginner friendly tuition in bite sized chunks to give you a solid foundation to build on and skills you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Learning to crochet is an adventure…

Having taught more than a couple of hundred newbies over the last few years, I’ve got in depth knowledge of the steps you’ll take along the way.

Let’s get started with confidence, boss those granny squares and grow your hooky powers until you can take on whatever project your heart desires.

Let me show you the way!

Claire x


Enjoy some relaxing creative time with like minded makers

Create Dates

Create Dates

Arts & Crafts Workshop Tutor

Hi there, Lisa here…

Creative maker with an overactive imagination, cheese addict, Netflix fan & doer of mommy things.

Some days I get to take off my mommy hat and escape to ‘Sheila’ my craft shed.

I love sourcing & sorting craft supplies and thinking up things to do with them. It’s time that is just for me, my things, my sanctuary.

Would you love to take some time out to be creative?

I want to help you realise how easy this can be if you just have the courage to try something new.

You don’t need to be Picasso to reap the benefits of crafting for confidence and wellbeing, just having a go is enough!

Share the joy of crafting with like minded makers

Our Create Date classes are welcoming, easygoing and beginner friendly.

We’ve done all the planning and preparation to ensure you have a great time.

Our quality resources have been cherry picked through experience so you’ll get a good result and a satisfying make.

You can expect a fun and fabulous session with biscuits!

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Create Some Time

A simple way to enjoy creative wellbeing.

Original Craft & Crochet Classes in Stourbridge and the West Midlands since 2014

Time to learn something new, nurture your creativity and enjoy the self satisfaction of your achievements.

Time to relax, lower your heart rate, slow your breathing, zone out.



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